Resource Links

The following resource links are provided to aid in your research and investigations.
Companies Online Search
Company Link: Company Lookup
EDGAR Archives (SEC)
EDGAR Development Site (NYU)
High Tech Company Profiles (Corp Tech)
Hoover's Online
Annual Reports - PRARS
EDGAR (Who Where?)
Executive Pay Watch
How to find U.S. Company Information
Multinational Monitor On-Line
SEDAR Home Page
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
Internet Law Library (U.S. House of Representatives)
Canadian Laws - Dept. of Justice
Central Notice
Code of Federal Regulations (searchable)
Court and Court Related Web Sites
Federal Rules of Evidence
Foreign Governments - Constitutions, Laws and Treaies
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
Municipal Codes Online - Seattle Public Library
The Smoking Gun
Web's Legal Dictionary
American Law Sources On-line
U.S. House of Representatives Law Library
The Library of Congress
Vote Smart
Federal Web Locator
Congress by Zip Code (The Zipper)
Constitution of the United States
Contacting the Congress
EEOC Home Page
Federal Courts Home Page
National Archives
U.S. National Debt Clock
Voting Records of Members of Congress
American Bar Association
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
National Freedom of Information Coalition
National Health Information Center
Neighborhoods Online: National
The Nobel Foundation
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Crime Statistics - U.S.
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping Federal Statistics
Vital Records Information


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